Services and Workshops

The Watering Can is presenting Business Basics for Artists and Creatives.

Happy New Year, creatives!

Times have certainly been challenging and we are all surviving, as well as suffering in different ways. Artists have been hit hard economically, as well as trying to self-motivate to continue to create.

The Watering Can wants to help. For the next couple months we will offer 2 free coaching sessions per artist focused on a specific topic that is holding you back or seeming to be insurmountable. There is no charge for these 2 sessions offered by phone or Zoom.

[The Watering Can will do its best to accommodate your request for scheduling, but does not promise that everyone who applies will be able to receive the 2 free sessions.]

The Watering Can offers Business Basics for Artists and Creatives with support of the Sioux Falls Community Foundation. These classes are offered in person in Sioux Falls and via Zoom.


Building the Foundation for Your Business: Series 1

This four-session series is geared to creatives who are thinking of starting a business or just getting one underway. It will help clarify the business focus, how to get started and keep the momentum as well as delving into finding prospects for your work. An important aspect in the beginning is how to price your work and set in place a method for record keeping.

Topics covered:

  • What do I want my art business 
to be
  • Making it a reality
  • Finding an audience and selling to them
  • Pricing considerations and record keeping

Growing My Business, Selling More: Series 2

This four-session series is a perfect continuation from Building a Foundation or can be taken separately by creatives who want to move their business forward. It is important to understand the tools needed to promote a business as well as using demographics to identify a target audience. Not everyone is a prospect and learning to qualify who is, saves time and frustration. There are many ways to generate income and we will dig into various possibilities.

Topics covered:

  • Tool kit for Artists and portfolio
  • Marketing basics and qualifying prospects
  • Generating income
  • Pulling it all together

If you are interested in either series, contact Claudia at or via Facebook messenger.