Services and Workshops

The Watering Can is presenting Business Basics for Artists and Creatives.

The Watering Can offers Business Basics for Artists and Creatives.

With support of the Sioux Falls Community Foundation The Watering Can is presenting 2 series of 4 classes focused on business development. The first Building the Foundation for Your Business is geared to creatives who are thinking of starting a business or just getting one underway. It will help clarify the business focus, how to get started and keep the momentum as well as delving into finding prospects for your work. An important aspect in the beginning is how to price your work and set in place a method for record keeping.

Topics covered:

  • Where/what do I want my art business to be
  • Getting there and overcoming fear
  • Finding an audience and selling to them
  • Pricing considerations and record keeping

Four Thursday evenings 6:30-8 starting April 18th – May 9th 2019 at the Sioux Falls Art Council office 326 E 8th Street.

The second series of 4 classes Growing My Business, Selling More is perfect for creatives who want to move their business forward. It is important to understand the tools needed to promote a business as well as using demographics to identify a target audience. Not everyone is a prospect and learning to qualify who is saves time and frustration. There are many ways to generate income and we will dig into various possibilities.

Topics covered:

  • Tool kit and portfolio
  • Marketing basics and qualifying prospects
  • Generating income
  • Pulling it all together

Four Thursday evenings 6:30-8 starting May 16th – June 6th 2019 at the Sioux Falls Art Council office 326 E 8th Street.

For more information or to register, individuals should visit: Business Series 1 and 2

Nuts & Bolts

A one-day workshop of 4 sessions Nuts & Bolts will be offered on a Saturday May 18th 2019. Registration will be for the full day or individual session. There will be a gathering for all who attend after the last session to network, share the learning and experiences with other creatives.

This workshop is geared to creatives who want to do it right and provides an opportunity to hear from subject matter experts as well as others who are on the same path.

“Choosing the Right Business Structure” Considerations for choosing the Right Legal Structure for Your Business and Getting Started in South Dakota. Pricing Creative Work for the Long Haul
Baseline Legal Considerations: Contracts, Intellectual Property, and Attribution Rights.
Accounting, Managing Money and Record Keeping.

For more information or to register: Nuts and Bolts Workshop

ASN (Artists Support Network)

In an effort to provide artists and creatives with an environment of business support and coaching, The WC hosts (Artists Support Network) open sessions the 2nd Wednesday (6:30 – 8:00pm) every month at Full Circle Book Cooperative. This is a place to come to network, pose a business challenge & get help in finding a solution or just hang out with other like minded people. It is a safe place to talk about failures and rejoice in successes. Professionals will be invited to share their expertise in topics such as: grant writing, application completion, technology, social media and marketing.

We’ve had some great discussions from brainstorming ideas for the Creative Community Conclave, to identifing the demographics of potential customers and where to find them. We’ve even sorted through multiple business opportunities, prioritized them and planned the first steps to making the top one a reality. Each time we gather is a new experience. Artists are meeting other creatives and sharing ideas for selling more of their work. The topics have been fluid to fit those who are there.

Future discussion possibilities:

  • Overcoming fear and procrastination
  • Motivation, how to uncover it and use it to make things happen
  • Art: passionate expression or commerce?
  • Who will buy my work and getting in front of them?